ANZACPE is the umbrella organisation for the various associations of Clinical Pastoral Education in Australia and New Zealand. CPE made its way into Australia and New Zealand from the USA during the 1960s, but in a somewhat disorderly fashion. Each state of Australia, and New Zealand, introduced CPE into its particular region, and, in the main, independently of the others. Along the way each state, plus New Zealand, formed its own CPE association, responsible for the oversight of all CPE matters in its region.

The result of this development was that, even though all associations shared at base a common understanding and practice of CPE, there were nevertheless areas of difference in philosophy and practice, and these differences did at times cause a degree of discord and confusion amongst those involved in CPE. So, during the 1980s moves were made to bring a greater cohesiveness into the CPE movement in Australasia, and in 1990 ANZACPE became the result of those efforts. ANZACPE does not conduct any CPE courses of its own. Each member association is responsible for those, and you can access these associations via the Associations Pages on this website. ANZACPE’s focus is on developing shared Standards at the various levels of the CPE learning process, and in assisting member associations in the accreditation of the CPE supervisory process.

Current President
Ms Bernadette Wurlod