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ManualThe following materials have a variety of purposes and uses. Some of those are historical, and reflect the unfolding story of ANZACPE. Others of them are resource materials for supervisors and review committees as they address accreditation processes for supervisors.

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As of 2019, ANZACPE has adopted a set of new and common Standards for the use of all CPE Associations within Australia and New Zealand.

These Standards can be accessed via each of the links supplied below. 


Theweb page ANZACPE Manual of 2002.


web page  ANZACPE Centres & Supervisors’ Directory, 2018-2019


web page   ‘Old’ Standards for Level II Supervisors. This document outlines the requirements for a supervisor seeking accreditation at the second level of CPE supervision prior to the adoption of the new common Standards in 2019 (and listed above). These old Standards are provided for the information and use of Associations as ANZACPE transitions from one lot of Standards to another.

web page    Guidelines for Chair and Presenters of Review Committees. This document is a supplement to the Level II Standards mentioned above. It has a specialist use for those responsible for each review committee at that level.

73561861Further information relating to application for and presentation to a Review Committee is available on the Review Committee page.