Review Committees2016-10-02T06:27:31+10:00

circle_group2Review committees are an important part of the life of ANZACPE and its various Associations. They enable the Associations to maintain the highest standards and practice of CPE at all levels.

These committees therefore demand of those who present to them a high level of commitment in a variety of ways, and that rigor can best be seen, for example, in the report on the Review Committees to the 2016 Conference.

In preparing for a review committee, candidates need to access  the following materials:

asteriskThe request form for accreditation review (and NB: this form is to be submitted by April 1st in the year in which the candidate wishes to present for review). This form is available in three formats (choose that which best suits individual need, and download or ‘Save As’ to your computer):

Word document

PDF format

Electronic format

asteriskThe Standards and Guidelines for Accreditation at Level II

asteriskGuidelines for Committee Presenters and Chairs